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If you ask anyone at Qtrade Direct Investing what their job is, they will answer “To build investor confidence.” That’s because we understand how important confidence is to do-it-yourself investors. We believe that an informed investor is a confident investor, and we think of “confidence” in three parts:

Confidence of knowledge

You should have access to as much education and information as it takes for you to feel confident in all your transactions. We think this applies equally to the empowerment that confidence gives you in enacting those transactions. 

Confidence in the click

You need to feel no qualms about your transactions. When you click "submit" you need to know it's gone through. More than that, we see "confidence in the click" as a broader experience - that your navigation on the platform meets your expectations and provides value. We strive to meet and surpass those expectations through our ongoing efforts to update and improve the quality of your experience.

Confidence in the relationship

You can count on our support team to listen to you, understand your needs, and arrive at a satisfying resolution. Our goal is for you to feel not like “a client with a problem,” but as a member of the Qtrade community – or as we like to say, “a Qtrader."

We deliver on our dedication to your confidence by continuously improving the Qtrade experience.  The proof of this is found in the consistency of our awards recognition. We win because what we do is simply who we are.

“Write Your Own Future” invites do-it-yourself investors like you to embrace Qtrade as the online brokerage that understand what motivates and satisfies you. We think of it as the human approach, and it’s what makes Qtrade “a confidence building machine.”


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