Here’s how Qtrade Investor enhanced your investing experience in 2019

QI enhancements

Qtrade Investor is committed to bringing you the best online trading experience through our innovative tools. This year, we’ve launched several industry-leading investing solutions and resources.

Here’s a quick glance at some of Qtrade’s 2019 platform enhancements.

1.     Portfolio Score helps you understand your level of risk exposure and grades the health of your portfolio across five pillars of investment performance: 

  • Downside Protection
  • Performance
  • Diversification
  • Income 
  • Low Fees

To see your portfolio score, log in to your Qtrade Investor account and click on My Accounts > Portfolio Views and choose Portfolio Score. 


2.     Two-factor authentication (2FA) gives you better protection against cybercriminals. It helps prevent anyone else from accessing your account even if they have your password. Once you set it up, any login from another device will trigger an alert and require your approval to proceed.

To enable it, log in to your account and go to My Accounts > Service Centre > Two Factor Authentication.


3.     USD Spousal Registered Retirement funds allow you to fund and transfer money from USD RRSP and RRIF accounts without worrying about exchange rate fluctuations. 


4.     Trading Central newsletters provide market data and pricing predictions gleaned from technical events and chart patterns. These insights will help you identify trading opportunities, so you can make informed decisions.

To sign up, log in to your account and go to Quotes & Market Info > Market Commentary.


5.     Redesigned and expanded stock and ETF screeners help you identify securities that fit your investment objectives. The updated tools include new definitions and a simplified layout, making them even easier for you to use.

Check them out by logging into your Qtrade account and clicking Investment Tools then selecting either Stock Screener or ETF Screener.


6.     Dow Jones Morning Briefing and Top News Today offer you insight into market moving news. A wide range of macroeconomic and market data is featured so that you can make well-informed investment decisions. That’s in addition to our enhanced Morning Pulse news service, powered by Desjardins, which brings you the top business news of the day.


7.     Updated account administration now allows you to check the status of your electronic transfers, create, edit and remove recurring transactions, and access corporate account eDocuments.


8.     Our lineup of USD DRIP-eligible securities has expanded this year. There are 44 USD DRIP eligible securities available, including Apple, Microsoft, Starbucks, Visa, Bank of America, and more. 

To sign up, log in to your Qtrade Investor account and navigate to My Accounts > Service Centre > Dividend Reinvestment. Then choose the appropriate account, change the DRIP status to ‘active’ and save your changes.


We’ll continue to enhance our platform in 2020 in order to empower you to achieve your investing goals.