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income view

Track the income generated by your portfolio

Investing for income? Qtrade's new Portfolio Income View lets you effortlessly track how much income your portfolio generates:

  • See your income earned over time with Income History
  • See your top 3 income-generating holdings at a glance
  • Understand your portfolio's income yield with Income Summary
  • View a detailed listing of income you received with Income Breakdown
Registered accounts

Make the most of your registered accounts

Our new Registered Account Centre makes it much easier to see, at a glance, the status of your TFSA and RRSP contributions. This page includes summaries of your contribution status as well as a detailed listing of contributions and withdrawals, helping you make the most of valuable tax-efficient accounts.

Portfolio analyst

Expanded coverage with Portfolio Analyst View

Portfolio Analyst View provides analyst ratings and insights into investor portfolios. Now it's even more comprehensive with Morningstar quantitative analysis and Recognia technical insights coverage for thousands of Canadian and U.S. stocks.

  • Easy access to Morningstar's latest quantitative reports
  • Quant Fair Value data in the Valuation and Fair Value table
  • Delta to Analyst Fair Value or Delta to Quantitative Fair Value estimates
  • New Technical tab for an easily digestible view on a stock's outlook based on technical insights

Tap into trading tools from Recognia

To expand our extensive suite of investing data and research tools for clients, we've introduced two new resources from Recognia, a global leader in automated quantitative and technical analysis.

Value Analyzer is designed to help you discover which stocks are good candidates for Value Investing—a timeless strategy used by some of the world's most successful investors. It offers a simple, intuitive view of all the key value-investing metrics for a particular stock on a single page, and allows you to screen stocks using filters like earnings and revenue consistency or years of consecutive positive EPS.

Technical Summary Score delivers a concise technical outlook over the short, medium and long term, allowing any investor to benefit from the insights offered by technical analysis.

Order status

See all open account orders at a glance

For investors trading across multiple accounts, the All Accounts option on the Order Status screen provides a convenient overview of every order across all accounts.