We've made self-directed investing better than ever

Introducing easier account setup, new investing tools and more trading ideas.

fee waived

Keep more money invested while building your portfolio

To help investors build their portfolios, we no longer charge a quarterly administration fee when you set up a recurring electronic funds transfer of $100 or more a month.

no account min

No account minimums — start trading with any amount

We've dropped the minimum account funding requirement, meaning you can open an account and start investing with any amount.

account preference

Personalize your investing experience

You can now choose which accounts are included in aggregated views such as in the performance chart on the dashboard. Our account preferences enable you to choose the accounts for inclusion, provide nicknames and select your default account.


Simplify dividend reinvestment

Qtrade's updated dividend reinvestment (DRIP) functionality enables you to select stocks for dividend reinvestment and see which stocks are already eligible for and enrolled in DRIP.