Qtrade Investor tops major banks again in annual ranking of online brokerages

VANCOUVER, B.C., December 7, 2015 — For the tenth year in a row, Qtrade Investor is ranked higher than the major banks in the latest annual ranking of online brokers by The Globe and Mail.

"Hardly a detail out of place" sums up financial columnist Rob Carrick's assessment of Qtrade Investor's client experience. Qtrade earns positive comments in all other key categories, including Cost; Account Reporting & Maintenance; Research & Tools; and Innovation.

Over the past decade, Qtrade Investor has continuously placed first or second in the Globe's annual survey, including seven number-one rankings.

"We're proud to be considered among the top tier nationwide and, once again, ahead of the major banks' online brokerages," said Catherine Wood, Qtrade Financial Group's Senior VP and Head of Online Brokerage. "It's gratifying to be recognized for providing self-managed investors with exceptional value and an outstanding online brokerage experience. This is a very competitive industry, and we remain committed to continually enhancing our platform."

Among the enhancements made this year, Qtrade Investor launched an all-new external website, added educational resources, expanded its ETF screening tools, and introduced a new analyst portfolio view. It also upgraded the Qtrade mobile app, including adding support for Touch ID and Apple Watch™.

The latest online brokerage review was published December 4, 2015. According to The Globe and Mail, the annual ranking "is designed for mainstream investors needing access to a variety of registered accounts and tools for portfolio-building and researching investments."

The recognition in the latest Globe survey follows Qtrade Investor's top-three finalist performance at the 2015 Morningstar® Awards ceremony on November 25, in the "Best Discount Brokerage" category. Qtrade was also included among the top three discount brokerages in the 2015 Online Discount Brokerage Review from Surviscor, published on December 1.

About Qtrade Investor

Qtrade Investor is the award-winning online brokerage division of Qtrade Securities Inc., Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Qtrade Securities is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qtrade Financial Group, a national, award-winning, integrated financial services company, which is a member of Desjardins Group, Canada's largest and the world's fifth largest cooperative financial group. For more information, visit www.qtrade.ca/investor.

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