Qtrade Investor named Canada's top online brokerage by MoneySense

VANCOUVER, B.C., July 18, 2017 — Qtrade Investor has been named "Best overall — Top brokerage" in Canada in the 2017 MoneySense Best Online Brokerage Review.

In the review, Qtrade is the Top Pick for Customer Service and is ranked among the top tier in many other evaluation categories, including User Experience; Fees & Commissions; Reporting & Record Keeping; and Market Data.

This recognition improves on last year's review, in which Qtrade Investor was rated best among independent brokerages. This year, Qtrade is first among all 13 of Canada's online brokers, including the big banks' offerings.

The MoneySense editors write: "If you pore over the results you'll find Qtrade Investor is our top pick in a single category — customer service — but it's a close second in almost every other category. Every other brokerage seems to have a hole in their service somewhere, but Qtrade excels in every area — especially in customer service."

"In a very competitive market, it's a major honour to be recognized as the best overall online broker in Canada," said Bill Packham, CEO, Qtrade Financial Group. "Industry assessments like this validate our ongoing commitment to continually improving the platform and to empowering self-directed investors. This recognition also gives confidence to our clients and our partners that they have chosen a best-in-class brokerage service."

"The Qtrade team is incredibly proud of this latest review from MoneySense," said Catherine Wood, Qtrade Financial Group's Senior VP and Head of Online Brokerage and Digital Advice. "It shows we're hitting the mark in terms of providing a powerful, user-friendly and cost-competitive service." she said. "The result for customer service is especially gratifying," she added, "because we place a high priority on providing fast, accurate and friendly support."

For the past five years, MoneySense has evaluated and ranked Canada's top independent and bank-owned brokerages based on data collected by Surviscor, a research analysis and business intelligence firm. The most recent assessment is based on reviews and data collected earlier this year. Surviscor President Glenn LaCoste describes Qtrade as being a progressive firm that's always looking to improve. "When you look at Qtrade it is one to top five pretty much everywhere. It's not bad at anything," he said.

The 2017 MoneySense Best Online Brokerage Review is available online at http://www.moneysense.ca/save/investing/canadas-best-online-brokerages-2017.

This honour extends an impressive streak of industry accolades for Qtrade Investor. In February, Qtrade was named top online brokerage for customer service by Surviscor, for the second consecutive year. In December 2016, Qtrade was rated the top online brokerage in Canada by Surviscor, and claimed first place in the annual ranking of online brokers by The Globe and Mail.

About Qtrade Investor

Qtrade Investor is the award-winning online brokerage division of Qtrade Securities Inc., Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Qtrade Securities is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qtrade Financial Group. For more information, visit www.qtrade.ca/investor.

About Qtrade Financial Group

Qtrade Financial Group is a national, award-winning, integrated financial services company, with over $14 billion in assets. Qtrade Financial Group provides online brokerage services to individual investors along with full-service brokerage, wealth and investment management platforms and services, custodial services, introducing broker services, and insurance solutions to meet the diverse needs of over 150 financial institutions, as well as their members and clients, across Canada. Qtrade Financial Group's partners include credit unions, banks, trust companies, insurance companies, investment dealers, portfolio managers and financial planning firms. Qtrade Financial Group is backed by Desjardins Group, the leading cooperative financial group in Canada and the sixth largest cooperative financial group in the world. More information is available at www.qtrade.ca.

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