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NEI Investments is Canada's leading provider of Responsible Investment (RI) solutions with the most diverse lineup of RI mutual funds.

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Important notice for OceanRock and Meritas Fund Unitholders

On October 26th, the integration of the OceanRock Investments Inc. into NEI Investments was successfully completed. All OceanRock and Meritas Funds have been merged into NEI and unitholders of the former OceanRock and Meritas funds are now investors in NEI Investments funds.

With this exciting change, investors are now part of Canada's recognized leader in Responsible Investing with more than $8 billion in assets under management.*

For a complete summary of the changes to fund names and the fund mergers that took place, please refer to the Press Release.

We strongly encourage investors to visit the NEI Investments website and the review the new content, features and fund information available there.

Should you have any questions about your accounts and holdings, please contact the NEI Client Services team or your financial advisor.

*as at September 30, 2018

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