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New premium research tool, Analyst Ratings, is now live

We've improved the research experience on our platform with a new interactive tool to help you assess stocks in your portfolio or stocks that are under consideration for investment.

The tool offers an engaging and informative research option to make more confident investment decisions. Analyst Ratings provide insights into:

  • The overall analyst consensus rating from strong buy to strong sell
  • The average analyst 12-month price target, plus the range of low to high price target estimates
  • A summary view of the individual analysts, their recommendations, price targets, and the news source (where available)

If you're interested in viewing the ratings for a specific stock, you can simply login, look up the symbol and select the Analyst Ratings tab to see recent analyst consensus, price forecasting, and ratings. Try it today!

Answer Bot for online support launched

Clients no longer need to contact customer support when looking for answers to common questions about the Qtrade platform. With our new in-platform Support functionality, users can quickly and easily find the answers they need 24-hours a day 7-days a week. The Answer Bot takes user inquiries and searches our FAQ database to surface answers to commonly asked questions in English & French. Try it out today by navigating to the “Support” button on the bottom right of your screen when you’re logged into the Qtrade Direct Investing platform.

New ESG Score added to Portfolio Score ™ & Portfolio Simulator

Our suite of analytical tools just got upgraded. For clients who are interested in incorporating an ESG investing strategy into their portfolios, our Portfolio Score tool now has added functionality for portfolio analysis with an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) lens.

The ESG score shows how individual stocks or funds are contributing to your Portfolio’s overall ESG score, as well as a percentile ranking against the stock or fund’s peer group. A Higher ESG score indicates stocks or funds that are better at managing the risks and opportunities associated with ESG factors including pollution prevention, human rights, disclosure practices and more.

For investors looking to make adjustments to their portfolio, our Portfolio Simulator tool also includes the ESG score of your simulated portfolio and compared it to your current portfolio. Try it out today.

Enhanced interactive charting tool

For clients who rely on technical analysis to help inform their investment decisions, our enhanced interactive Charting Tool is better than ever. Our recent upgrades allow you to quickly compare performance against benchmarks, offer an expanded list of technical indicators, easy-to-use drawing tools and more. To access the tool, simply login, look up a quote for your preferred security and select the charts tab.

100+ commission-free ETF program 

Buy and sell exchange-traded funds commission free, including more responsible investing and other thematic investment options. Our enhanced program also removes the $1,000 purchase minimum, giving you greater flexibility.


® Qtrade is a registered trademark of Aviso Wealth Inc. ™ Portfolio Simulator, Portfolio Creator and Portfolio Score are trademarks of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc. 

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