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Where to find market commentary and technical analysis

Find out what market commentary and technical analysis you can access through Qtrade Direct Investing.

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Understanding New Issues

We sat down with one of our senior traders to talk about New Issues, Initial Public Offerings, discounted common shares and newly issued bonds.

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How to get started at dividend investing

Learn about how dividends are paid and taxed, how to evaluate dividend stocks, and how to get started at dividend investing.

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What is index investing?

Learn all about index investing, how it works, index performance and how to choose an Index fund.

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Volatility matters: Why you should watch the VIX

There's no perfect way to predict where markets are headed, but the Volatility Index (or VIX), gives interested investors a helpful gauge.

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Beyond stocks: Additional investment options from Qtrade

Qtrade offers a broad range of products for all your investing needs.

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