The 2021 Globe and Mail online brokerage ranking: Who’s best for investing ... and answering the phone

Rob Carrick, Personal Finance Columnist from The Globe and Mail

January 28, 2021— Soaring stock markets always stoke demand for online investing, but what we’ve seen since the stock market crash of early 2020 is next-level intense.

Trading volumes have surged in the online brokerage business, as have applications for new accounts and requests to upgrade existing accounts for margin trading. Yet another area of huge growth is in requests to transfer in money and accounts from other investment firms. 

Amid this burst of activity comes the 22nd annual Globe and Mail online brokerage ranking. Use it to find a broker that will best set you up for long-term investing success rather than a joyride in a hot stock market.

This year’s No. 1 firm is Qtrade Investor, a name that has often been among the leaders in this ranking in recent years. Any broker can fill an order to buy stocks, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, bonds and more. Qtrade helps you build a well-constructed portfolio and then monitor it to ensure it continues to work for you. Second-ranked TD Direct Investing also shines in this way. 

Source: Rob Carrick; online brokerage firms. Data management for the online brokerage ranking was handled by Audrey Carleton.

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