Portfolio Analytics can help you build an investment portfolio

The aim of most investing strategies is to build a portfolio that meets your financial goals – whether that’s saving for a home purchase, putting money away for a child’s education, investing for your retirement, or all of the above.

History has shown that a well-diversified portfolio is your best strategy to achieve consistent long-term growth. Diversification – across asset types, geographies and sectors – is a key component in portfolio building that helps to spread the risk and reward across different areas of the market.

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How can I build an investment portfolio?

Qtrade Direct Investing has tools to make it easier to build and evaluate the holdings in your investment portfolio. Our Portfolio Analytics offer comprehensive set of risk analysis and portfolio-building tools to help you build a well-diversified portfolio, make more informed investment decisions, and manage your risk exposure. Read on to learn more about Portfolio Score™, Portfolio Simulator™, and Portfolio Creator™, available to all Qtrade clients.

What is Portfolio Score?

Portfolio Score gives you a second opinion on your portfolio.

It helps you expand your knowledge of risk exposure by comparing the portfolio’s performance against domestic and global benchmarks. It evaluates your securities—Canadian/U.S. stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and Canadian mutual funds—and grades your portfolio across six key dimensions, including downside protection, performance, diversification, income, fees and ESG.

To find Portfolio Score, log in to your Qtrade account and click on the Portfolio Score tile on the right side of your dashboard. 

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What is Portfolio Simulator?

Portfolio Simulator lets you create and compare test investment scenarios, explore ideas, and hone your skills. The tool lets you compare the performance of your actual portfolio versus a simulated portfolio.  Analyze your simulated portfolios for downside protection, performance, diversification, income, and fees. You can also compare simulated portfolios to your active ones, adjust them to test other scenarios and save them for ongoing analysis.

To find Portfolio Simulator, log in to your Qtrade account and click on the Portfolio Simulator tile on the right side of your dashboard.

What is Portfolio Creator?

Portfolio Creator builds an ETF portfolio that meets your investment needs.

You just need to answer a quick series of questions about your preferred mix of stocks and bonds, and the types of risks and exposures you wish to avoid. The tool will generate a robust ETF portfolio that’s back-tested to maximize your risk-adjusted return, based on three risk ratios: the Sharpe ratio, Roy's safety-first criterion (SFRatio) and the Sortino ratio. You can also use Portfolio Score to analyze your ETF portfolio for downside protection, performance, diversification, income, and fees.

To find Portfolio Creator, log in to your Qtrade account and click on the Portfolio Creator tile on the right side of your dashboard. 

Qtrade makes it easy to build a better portfolio

Qtrade’s Portfolio Analytics can help you build a better portfolio, whether you’re starting from the ground up, or evaluating the holdings you already have in your portfolio. Check in with your investments, test your ideas, and help future-proof your portfolio against some common risks. Portfolio Analytics can help you make informed investment decisions and manage your risk exposure as you navigate market swings.

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