Introducing two new portfolio tools for the DIY investor.

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At Qtrade, we offer the most innovative and comprehensive set of portfolio analytics tools of any online brokerage. So you can build the knowledge and confidence you need to make your own investment decisions. We’re always innovating to help you become a more successful investor.

Now, more portfolio analytics and research tools than ever to help you succeed.

Learn from your mistakes without paying for your mistakes.

Test your investing ideas by creating your own investment portfolio in simulator mode. Compare portfolios, save, and change them later as you fine-tune your investment strategy.

You can even analyze your simulated portfolios using Portfolio Score to see at-a-glance how well each is constructed on key factors such as downside protection, diversification, fees and performance.

Now, you can get a custom fit with your ETF investments.

Build an ETF portfolio customized to your investing preferences with Portfolio Creator. Simply answer a short questionnaire to identify your preferences, such as risk tolerance, sector preferences and global exposure.

Your suggested portfolios will show detailed weightings by asset class and sector, benchmarks and more. As well, each one will be automatically analyzed and scored with Portfolio Score.

Find out if your portfolio makes the grade.

Have more confidence in your investment decisions with Portfolio Score. See how diversified your portfolio is and what kind of risk exposure you have.

Portfolio Score analyzes the securities in your account and grades your overall portfolio on five key dimensions: performance, downside protection, fees, income and diversification.

No other broker is good in so many different areas and no other broker makes such consistent year-by-year improvements."

— Rob Carrick grades Canada’s online brokerages, January 31, 2020.
Published on behalf of the Globe & Mail. Read the full article here.

Everything you’re looking for in an online brokerage.

  • Easily trade stocks, options, ETFs, bonds and mutual funds
  • Simple dashboard and detailed portfolio views
  • Chart your performance
  • In-depth research, analyst ratings and recommendations
  • Powerful tools to help you evaluate investing ideas and review your portfolio
  • Award-winning, friendly and knowledgeable client service

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