Qtrade Direct Investing

Questions and Answers

for clients joining us from Credential Direct.

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Account Transitions

  • Yes. When you log in, you will still have access to all the accounts you currently have access to with Credential Direct.

  • Yes. We will strive to code your account correctly based on your account size, activity, and profile. If you believe you should qualify but aren’t seeing the commission you are expecting, please contact us to verify the details and update accordingly. Select Investor Plus or Young Investor for more details.

  • When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to:

    • create a new Trading Password (minimum 8 characters with a capital letter and a special symbol) 
    • create 5 security questions for future password reset 
    • register for free Real-time Quotes
  • Yes, with Qtrade you can opt to receive electronic or paper versions of your statements and/or trade confirmations. Once your new account is activated, you can change these settings at any time through the Qtrade Service Centre.

  • Yes, as a member of one of our credit union partners, you will be able to access Qtrade from your online banking the same way you accessed your Credential Direct accounts.

  • Since the optional trading preferences at Qtrade differ from those at Credential Direct, you will need to create new defaults. This is easy to do in the Qtrade Service Centre.

  • No, you will see your alerts and watchlists when you log in to Qtrade.

  • Yes, you will continue to use the email address and password you currently use with Credential Direct to access your accounts through Qtrade.

  • Yes, your account number will stay the same.

  • We want to offer our clients the best of online trading, and Qtrade is Canada’s top-ranked online brokerage according to The Globe and Mail, MoneySense and Surviscor.

  • No, you will not have to sign a new application when your account moves to Qtrade, and your account number will remain the same. Our aim is to ensure a seamless transition to Qtrade in the fall.

  • Yes, you will have full access to all your Credential Direct transaction history through Qtrade's platform once your account moves over.

  • Our aim is to have these items transferred over with your account, and we’re working with our vendors on this.

  • Yes. Simply open an account using Qtrade’s online application tool, and request a transfer at the same time. Credential Direct will waive the transfer out fee.

    Please note that you’ll also need to download your Credential Direct transaction history (Accounts > History > export) and eDocuments (Accounts > eServices > download), as your profile at Credential Direct will be closed after the conversion.