OFFER150 – Terms and Conditions

To Qualify:

  • Submit a new account application to Qtrade Direct Investing using promo code OFFER150, by October 31, 2023.
  • Fund a new qualifying Qtrade Direct Investing brokerage account with at least $1,000 in new assets AND make at least one qualifying trade within 60 days of the account opening date.
  • The total funded amount within a qualifying account after 60 days will be used to determine offer eligibility.
  • Once the offer criteria are met, the bonus will be deposited into your eligible Qtrade Direct Investing account within 61-120 days of the account opening date. 

1. The Offer

Open and fund a new Qtrade Direct Investing account and you may be eligible to receive up to $150 as a cash bonus as set out below (the “Offer”). This Offer is only available to new clients who submit an application by October 31, 2023. 

See the Terms and Conditions below for detailed requirements of the Offer. 

Offer Code New Funds Cash Bonus


Cash Bonus

Offer Code*: OFFER150


$1,000 - $9,999


$10,000 - $24,999




Each account opened within the same application (using promo code OFFER150) may be accumulated towards the new funds total. The accumulated total funded amount after 60 days of the qualifying account opening date will be used to determine the eligible cash bonus. 

To be eligible for the offer, a qualifying account must be funded with a minimum of $1,000 accumulated total AND have at least 1 commissionable trade fulfilled within 60 days of the account opening date.

Once offer conditions are met, the cash bonus will be paid into your eligible Qtrade Direct Investing account within 61 to 120 days of the account opening date. 

2. This Offer is subject to the following Terms and Conditions: 

Offer Period

This Offer commences on June 29, 2023, at 12:00 am ET and concludes on October 31, 2023, at 11:59 pm ET. 

The account application must be submitted by October 31, 2023, and the qualifying account must be funded and have at least one commissionable trade fulfilled within 60 days of the account opening date, to be eligible to receive the cash bonus.   

Qualifying Account Criteria

The account application form associated with the Qualifying Account must have OFFER150 (the “Offer Code”) applied to it and must be submitted during the Offer Period. 

To qualify, the new account opened must be a CAD Cash (individual or joint), USD Cash (individual or joint), CAD Margin (individual or joint), USD Margin (individual or joint) RESP, CAD RRSP, CAD RRIF, CAD Spousal RRSP, CAD Spousal RRIF, USD RRSP, USD RRIF, USD Spousal RRSP, USD Spousal RRIF, LIRA, CAD TFSA or USD TFSA. 

In the event that a client opens multiple eligible accounts, the Offer will only be applied to the first of the accounts that meets the offer conditions, and approved by Qtrade Direct Investing. 

In the case of a spousal account or joint account, only the primary account holder will be entitled to receive the cash bonus. 

New accounts must meet Qtrade Direct Investing’s account opening and related documentation requirements, and be approved by Qtrade Direct Investing, at its sole and absolute discretion. 

The Qualifying Account must be in good standing throughout the Offer Period. 

Your Qualifying Account must not have encountered a debit position or margin call during the Offer Period. 

Qualifying Transfer Criteria

In order to qualify as a Qualifying Transfer, assets transferred in must not include any securities that are restricted, subject to a cease trade order, or that are non-listed and without independent evidence of current value acceptable to Qtrade Direct Investing.

Qualifying Transfer funds may originate from an investment or bank account at any Canadian financial institution or broker, excluding Aviso Wealth Inc. or any of its subsidiaries.   

Qualifying Trade Criteria

Qualifying trades for the purposes of this Offer are commissionable equity and ETF trades only (“Qualifying Trades”), and do not include commission-free ETF trades.  

Qualifying Trades must be from orders submitted and executed within 60 days of the date of opening of the Qualifying Account. 

Qualifying Trades must be placed online via the Qtrade Direct Investing platform, or the Qtrade Direct Investing mobile app. Trades placed with an agent over the phone do not qualify. 

Eligibility Criteria

The Offer is available only to new accounts opened by new Qtrade Direct Investing clients during the Offer Period.   

You must apply the Offer Code on the new account application form. 

This Offer is non-transferable and will not be valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion from Qtrade Direct Investing. 

This Offer can only be used once per client and cannot be applied on previously or subsequently submitted account applications to Qtrade Direct Investing. 

You must be a Canadian resident who is of the age of majority in your respective province or territory when submitting your new account application. 


The cash bonus will be delivered to the primary Qualifying Account holder in the new Qualifying Account, within 61-120 days of the account opening date. 

Clients who qualify for this Offer will not be eligible for any other offers or promotions from Qtrade Direct Investing until November 1, 2023. 

You are solely responsible for any tax consequences arising from or in connection with: this Offer; the transfer of any assets into the Qualifying Account; and/or the payment of any cash bonus into the Qualifying Account. 

All dollar amounts mentioned in relation to this Offer are in Canadian dollars. 

The amount of any transfer-in fee charged by another Canadian broker or financial institution will be credited to your Qualifying Account in the currency (either CAD or USD) in which your transfer was made (up to a maximum of CAD/USD $150 per client when you transfer $15,000 or more), subject to Qtrade Direct Investing’s receipt of the documentation evidencing such transfer-in fee. This is part of the OFFER150 offer for new clients and does not constitute a combining of Qtrade Direct Investing offers. 

Qtrade Direct Investing reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to modify, suspend, disqualify, limit or revoke this Offer to any person or account holder for any reason, including but not limited to manipulation or abuse of the process, fairness, integrity or operation of the Offer. 

You may opt out of the Offer at any time by notifying us at 1.877.787.2330 or, in which case the cash bonus pursuant to the Offer will be cancelled or reversed. 

Online brokerage services are offered through Qtrade Direct Investing, a division of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc. Qtrade and Qtrade Direct Investing are trade names and/or trademarks of Aviso Wealth Inc.