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Now more than ever, it’s important to make informed investment decisions.

Designed to help you invest with confidence, this comprehensive set of risk analysis and portfolio-building tools can help you make informed investment decisions and manage your risk exposure as you navigate market swings.


Get a portfolio checkup with Portfolio Score

Now you can get a second opinion on your portfolio, adding to your confidence.

Portfolio Score™ helps you expand your knowledge of risk exposure by comparing the portfolio’s performance against domestic and global benchmarks.

It also evaluates your securities—Canadian/U.S. stocks, ETFs and Canadian mutual funds—and grades your portfolio across six key dimensions.

A trading portfolio diagram showing risk exposure analysis

Evaluate the health of your portfolio across six key dimensions

A trading portfolio diagram showing risk exposure analysis

  • Downside Protection: evaluates the portfolio’s ability to limit loss.
  • Performance: evaluates your portfolio as measured by annualized returns for different investment horizons and shows you the relationship between risk taken and returns generated.
  • Diversification: shows you if your portfolio is well-diversified, which can help mitigate volatility.
  • Income: provides a rating to indicate the level of portfolio income and/or dividends earnings.
  • Fees: assesses your portfolio's average Management Expense Ratio (MER), an annual fee that you pay when you invest in a mutual fund or ETF.
  • ESG Score: provides an evaluation of your portfolio through an Environmental, Social and Governance lens.  See a break down of your ESG score by stock and fund plus ranking relative to their peer groups.

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Gain confidence in your investment moves


Test investment scenarios, explore ideas and hone your skills.

Create test portfolios in a simulator mode. Portfolio Simulator™ shows you how adding or removing securities would change your portfolio’s exposure to such risks as inflation, U.S. currency and interest rate.

A trading portfolio diagram showing simulator holdings

A trading portfolio diagram showing score comparison


You can compare simulated portfolios to your active ones, adjust them to test other scenarios and save them for ongoing analysis.

You can use Portfolio Score to analyze your simulated portfolios for downside protection, performance, diversification, income and fees.

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Build an ETF portfolio that meets your investment needs

Just answer a series of questions about your preferred mix of stocks and bonds, as well as the types of risks you wish to avoid, Portfolio Creator™ will generate a robust ETF portfolio that’s back-tested to maximize your risk-adjusted return, based on three risk ratios: the Sharpe ratio, Roy's safety-first criterion (SFRatio) and the Sortino ratio.

A trading portfolio diagram showing its summary and score

A diagram of the portfolio history

You can also use Portfolio Score to analyze your ETF portfolio for downside protection, performance, diversification, income and fees.

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Goal planning made simple

We’ve made it easy to plan for your financial future with our Goal Planning tool. Just answer a few questions about what you’re saving for, your time horizon and a little bit about yourself to see how you can get there.

A trading portfolio diagram showing questionnaire

Learn about different options for asset mix and risk tolerance, and see how they have historically performed in the market to help you determine the best option for your goals. 

A trading portfolio diagram showing graph screen

See how much you need to invest regularly to reach your goal, and then check back often to see your progress, or set new goals as your lifestyle and needs change.  

Ready to achieve your financial goals?  

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