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  • Investor Plus is an enhanced service for clients with larger portfolios and for those who trade more often. If you maintain at least $500,000 in assets or make at least 150 trades per quarter, Investor Plus gives you:

    • Equity trades at $6.95 per trade
    • Options trades at $6.95 + $1.25 per contract
    • ETF trades at $6.95 (plus our 100 commission-free ETF list)
    • A dedicated phone number for faster service
    • No fee for USD registered accounts

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  • To automatically qualify for the Investor Plus program you must have:

    • At least 150 online commission-generating equity or option trades during the immediately preceding calendar quarter or
    • A minimum of $500,000 in assets across all accounts within the same client ID
  • If you are 18-30 years of age and set up a recurring deposit of $50 or more each month, you will enjoy $7.75 flat rate commission, no account minimum balance and no quarterly fee.