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Transfer Funds

  • TFSA and RRSP withdrawals

    Our online withdrawal tool is the quickest and simplest way to move cash out of a TFSA or RRSP. Go to Accounts → Transfer Funds then select RSP/TFSA Account under Withdraw Registered Funds.

    To withdraw securities, please use the Deregistration Form which can be found in the Forms section of our website. Please fax, mail or email a scanned copy of the Deregistration Form to us upon completion for processing. 


    RESP withdrawals

    For educational purposes – please download and complete the Educational Assistance Payment (EAP) And Post Secondary Education (PSE) Request Form and Proof of Enrollment Form or copy of course schedule with letter from Post-Secondary Institution (including name and address) stating that the student is enrolled in a full or part time program. For non-educational use – please download and complete the RESP Capital Withdrawal Form.


    RIRIF/LIF/LRIF/RLIF/PRIF withdrawals

    Please fax, mail or email a scanned copy of the Deregistration form to us upon completion for processing. Note: Deregistration may be subject to fees and withholding tax.

    You can also deregister assets from USD accounts.

  • Cash Transfer: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the simplest way to transfer money into your Qtrade account from your banking account. Once your account is set up for EFT, you can transfer funds online by selecting Accounts → Transfer Funds → Electronic Funds Transfer.

    Alternatively, you can add money in the same way you would pay a bill from your credit union or bank account. If you did not select the EFT service during your application process you can go to online banking and select Qtrade as a bill payee.


    Account Transfer: To transfer securities or an entire account from another firm to a Qtrade account, please use our e-Transfer service by going to Accounts → Transfer Funds → Transfer Account.

    Transfers from another Canadian brokerage can generally be done electronically with no need to send us signed paperwork. Transfers from other institutions, such as a bank or mutual fund company, require a transfer form to be printed, signed and mailed to us at:

    Qtrade Investor
    Accounts Department
    700 - 1111 West Georgia Street
    Vancouver, BC V6E 4T6

  • The time required to completely transfer your account depends primarily on the type of account you are transferring and investment products you currently hold. Please note that your assets may not all be transferred at exactly the same time. Under current CIRO regulations, transfers may take approximately 2 to 6 weeks from the time of receipt by the relinquishing institution. Certain Registered Account types may take longer to transfer. These include the following:

    Locked-In Accounts:

    These plans generally take longer to transfer, as additional documents are required in order for the receiving institution to administer the account, as set out under the various Provincial and Federal Legislations. It is imperative to ensure that the account opened at your new firm is opened as LOCKED IN, and under the same Provincial or Federal Legislation as your current account; otherwise, this may cause a delay in the transfer of your account.

    RRIF Accounts:

    RRIF account transfers may exceed regulatory time frames as the delivering institution is generally required to pay to the client the full year RRIF minimum payment. This must be done before the transfer can be processed. Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your RRIF account to cover the minimum payment to avoid a delay.

    If we have a question regarding the information on the transfer form, we will reach out to you by email to clarify. You can track the status of your transfer by going to Accounts → Transfer Funds, select Transfer an Account and go to Transfer History.

  • EFT is an easy method to move money between your financial institution and your online brokerage account and is set up directly on your online brokerage account.

    As an alternative to using EFT to fund your account, you can log in to your credit union or bank account and go to the bill payment section. Simply search for and add 'Qtrade Investor' as a payee and enter your account number. Then send money by entering an amount and a date. Once the funds are "cleared" you can expect them to be credited to your account within two business days.

    Funds transferred via bill payment are fully available once received by Qtrade. EFTs are subject to a 10-business day hold before the funds can be transferred out again or prior to you having the ability to place certain trades.

    Third- party bill payments are not accepted. All bill payments must be made from a bank account in the same name as your account.

  • Bill payments: Once your financial institution has cleared the funds, please allow 1-2 days for the funds to arrive in your Qtrade account. To set up a Bill Payment, log in to your online banking and go to the bill payment section. Add "Qtrade Investor" as a payee and enter your 8-digit account number. Please note that third-party bill payments cannot be accepted. All bill payments must be made from a banking account that is in the same name as your Qtrade account.

    EFT: Funds will be credited to your Qtrade account within 1-2 business days of the request. Once received by Qtrade, please allow up to 10 business days for the funds to be cleared. During this time you will be unable to transfer these funds back out of Qtrade or make certain trades.

  • Not all accounts are subject to the same rules even if they are from the same financial institution. Some assets require additional forms or special instructions.

  • Yes. We require original transfer forms with original signatures if the form is paper based.

  • You can use the e-Transfer service under Accounts → Transfer Funds → Transfer Account and select your RESP account you wish to transfer funds from another financial institution.

  • The following are ways you can transfer your assets:

    All In Kind: Your existing investments and any cash will be moved over as-is — nothing will be sold.

    All In Cash: All the assets in your account will be sold and the cash proceeds will be transferred. 

    Mixed: All of your assets will be transferred, but mixed In Cash and In Kind, according to your instructions.

    Partial: A portion of the assets in your account will be transferred (that portion can be ‘In Kind,’ ‘In Cash’ or a mix of both). Note that if you request assets to be sold, the value of those assets may fluctuate between the time you submit your transfer request and the time the assets are sold. 

  • Including a copy of your statement provides confirmation of your account details at the relinquishing/delivering institution and can help speed up your transfer process; however, it is not mandatory.