Frequently Asked Questions

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Account Maintenance

You can mail documents to: 

Qtrade Investor
Accounts Department
700 - 1111 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC   V6E 4T6

Please include your name and account number on any document sent to us.

The quickest ways to deposit money to your account are Electronic Funds Transfer or Bill Payment from your banking account. Alternatively, you can send a personal cheque (made payable to Credential Qtrade Securities Inc.) to us at: Qtrade Investor, 700 - 1111 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4T6. Please include your account number on the memo line of the cheque. Third-party cheques are not accepted.

Address changes can be submitted through the Contact Information page in our Service Centre. You will receive a reference number once the request has been submitted and our records will be updated accordingly within 1-2 business days. 

You will need to submit an address change for each different client ID. For corporate/non-personal accounts, addresses cannot be changed online. Instead, there is a form located on our website under the forms section. Once completed, you can fax, mail or email a scanned copy of the address change form to us.

Please use the Cheque Request service for cash and margin accounts and the Deregistration Form for registered accounts

In order to add an additional bank account we require an original void cheque which shows your name and address or a Confirmation of Account Information form along with a counter cheque (temporary cheque printed at your financial institution). Please mail either of these to us along with the Electronic Fund Transfer Set-up form. Please note that original documents will be required to complete this process.

If you have an existing account and want to add account type, go to “Open an Account” and follow the prompts. Please use your existing user ID and password to log into your profile. Once logged in, select the new account type(s) you wish to add, ensure your information is still correct, answer any incomplete questions and electronically sign and submit. Please allow a few days for the new account to be added to your profile. 

To reset your trading password, please go to a browser on your computer or phone as you cannot use the app for this.  

Once logged in, go to:

My Accounts → Service Centre → Security Centre to manage your passwords. 

Follow the steps to create a new complex password which must be different than your login password.

To recover your username, go to the login screen and click on FORGOT USERNAME or FORGOT PASSWORD. You will be sent an email with steps to log in. 

Once logged in, go to:

My Accounts → Service Centre → Security Centre to manage your passwords. 

Follow the steps to create a new complex password which must be different than the last one you used.

Once you’ve logged into to you account go to My Accounts → Service Centre. Next under e-Documents select view 

If you have been locked out of your Qtrade account, please phone us at 1.877.787.2330 in order to verify your identity before we unlock your account. 

We would be sad to see you go, but if you must close your account, be sure the account is empty – no cash or holdings. Once the has all removed, send us an email to close the account at Be aware, if you close the account in the first year, a fee of $100 plus tax will apply. Here are 3 ways you can remove funds from your Qtrade account:

  • To transfer the account to another brokerage firm you will need to contact that firm to start the process. Please be aware of our transfer out fee of $150 plus tax.
  • Sell all your holdings and withdraw the cash to your chequing account on file; or request a cheque in My Accounts →  Service Centre 

If you have a TFSA or an RRSP, you will need to 
de-register the account by going to My Accounts →  Transfer Funds → Withdraw Registered Funds. Please be aware of the de-registration fee of $125 plus tax.